An challenge you may have when selling your house without the help of an agent is being unable to find a buyer. Losing your ability to make your mortgage payments could lead to more problems, like being unable to afford the mortgage. If the house is vacant, it is even worse. You may not be able to relocate to the house of your dreams if the house you are in does not sell. For many of the reasons a house might not sell when you sell it yourself, there are two worries that will prevent you from finding a buyer. sell my house fast Orange County is an excellent resource for this.

The price

It is difficult to find buyers prepared to pay more than the asking price if you price your home at a price that is far higher than the prevailing market price. It is crucial in a regular market or in a period of slower growth. Receiving a better price by joining in a “buying frenzy” under extremely heated and speculative market conditions is feasible, although this practise is uncommon. The bulk of the time, you’ll be in a market that’s rather slow, and you’ll need to be competitive to attract buyers.

Here’s a simple formula to apply if you’re not sure how to price your home to sell quickly. Search internet real estate sites such as or for three to five houses that have recently sold in your neighbourhood. To determine the price per square foot for each sale, divide the sales price (not the listing price) by the square footage. To determine the average price per square foot, put 3 and 5 together, divide by the number of properties you utilised, and then divide by 3. To double this average value, multiply it by your square footage. To roughly estimate how much your house will sell for, take this sum and multiply it by 0.98. If you do any big renovations or additions, or if your house is different from the others in your community, you’ll have to compensate for it. You may also use this simple approach, which will get you close to the price you need for a quick sale.


The second most important component of selling your house by owner is strong marketing. If you use an agent who is on top of their game, you won’t have to worry about the paperwork. Getting your property information out there when doing the sale on your own is mandatory. making things appear as appealing as possible In other words, your home should be compared to the other homes on the market, with regard to why purchasers would choose it over all the others. These days, most people assume that when they publish an ad in their local newspaper’s classifieds (which is less popular today than it used to be) or put some photographs and a description on Craigslist, their phone will constantly ring. On the other hand, the reality is very different.

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