You may or may not have heard the term “Ductless Mini Split”. Even those who have heard the term don’t always understand what it is or how it works. A ductless mini split is just another name for a ductless heating and cooling system. It can be designed for straight air cooling or as a heat pump system which can then perform heating and cooling when a traditional heating and cooling system may be too costly. There are a lot of situations where you may find using a mini split to be advantageous over a more traditional system. Get the facts about WHEN TO USE DUCTLESS HOME HEATING see this.
For example, ductless mini splits can be especially important for remote rooms and rooms with special HVAC needs in which regular ductwork may not be sufficient or accessible. You may have a finished room over your garage where it would be tough to impossible to use regular ductwork. A ductless mini split system might be the perfect option for providing HVAC service to that room and it should help reduce the energy needed to keep that room at a comfortable temperature, thereby saving you money.
It can also be used if you decide to enclose a garage or porch area so that they can be added as finished living areas. Being able to use that porch all year can be a great benefit but keeping the temperature comfortable can get costly. A ductless mini split system provides you with a cheaper alternative for heating and cooling.
Additionally, another good candidate for a ductless mini split system is a communications or computer room. In these types of rooms it is especially important to keep the temperature low enough for safe operation of the equipment. A hot, humid day could wreak havoc on a server in a room that was not properly climate controlled. Many business will use a ductless system to control temperature in these types of rooms.
Ductless systems have several advantages over more traditional options and can be very helpful when cost matters. In the examples I provided above, the overall cost for installation is lower in almost every case. Because ductless mini splits have wireless thermostat capabilities, they also provide excellent temperature control. As this technology has developed over the years, the efficiency of theses units have increased dramatically. They now use a new inverted technology and the equipment uses minimal amp draw and wattage often exceeding the efficiency of a fully ducted system.