First and foremost, I’d like to thank Mike Dillard and his team for continuing to work on expanding his unique approach and ground-breaking business franchise that is aligned with the MLM/Networking Marketing industry.

Mike went from serving tables to becoming a millionaire in network marketing in three years. I believe he stated somewhere along the line that the making of “Magnetic Sponsoring” netted him at least ten million dollars. At school, he did not receive decent grades. That drew my interest, to say the least. Click here to learn more.

For many years, he struggled with network marketing and jumped from one MLM company to the next, convinced that he had not found the best company, product, or compensation plan. By rising above the mediocrity to become one of the most influential leaders in the ‘Work At Home’ arena, he truly discovered a path to endless financial and personal prosperity.

The majority of the data comes from the Magnetic Sponsoring handbook. I am a member of his affiliate programme and benefit from his experience in this field.

Consider the McDonald’s franchise company.

McDonald’s is a multibillion-dollar corporation controlled by teenagers. I’m not kidding. This is made possible by the centralised, replicable system they’ve implemented. Their staff have only three primary responsibilities:

  • Provide excellent client service.
  • Please take the order.
  • New personnel should be trained to provide customer service and take orders.
  • That’s it; the system will take care of the rest.

Employees operate the fryers, microwaves, and cash registers by pressing buttons. This level of duplication resulted in a fully predictable customer experience, which is the core product of McDonald’s. McDonald’s has been successful because of this. McDonald’s is well-known among the town’s youth.

Their food has nothing to do with their achievement. They don’t have the best beef burger, in my view. McDonald’s is where we go because we know what to anticipate.

They don’t make a lot of money selling hamburgers. The burgers are there to get you in the door so they can charge you ridiculous prices for a slice of cheese, as well as sell you fizzy sugar drinks, fries, and salad with huge profit margins.

It should be the same for your network marketing company. Recognize that network marketing is a business concept that builds value and wealth over time. It is solely your responsibility to provide excellent customer service and cultivate relationships with your prospects and retail customers. You don’t have to do any selling or telling since the system does it all for you. All you have to do is be “Leader” and engage with patience and persistence.