So what is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)? A VIN is not a carfax report, nor is it an NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Identification System) report – both of those reports detail the make, model and license status of a car; these reports are only for a consumer who is curious about verifying the history of an old vehicle. You can check to see if someone else has been driving the same car you own by using a VIN. It’s very simple; all you have to do is visit one of many websites that offer this service. They have a database of vehicles, and each car has a unique number. Checkout this company for more info.


When you run a VIN check on a car, you get the driver’s information, vehicle ownership information and other information. If there are any discrepancies in that information, such as a stolen or broken down vehicle, you can find out that information. This is why it is imperative that a VIN verified report is done. If a car doesn’t have a VIN, you can still run a VIN check, but the report won’t be complete. You’ll get a name and phone number, but nothing more.

So why would anybody need a Vin Verification? If you are purchasing, selling or even trading cars, a VIN check can give you peace of mind that the car you are considering has been thoroughly inspected. It helps ensure that a seller is honest, because there is no way for the seller to lie or deceive you if he hasn’t even taken the time to run a visual inspection. A physical inspection is the only true way to get a true picture of a car’s history.

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