A golf cart is essentially a small car designed in the late 1800’s to carry two golfers around a golf course or along desert trails without much effort than walking slowly. These days, even though golf courses still use golf carts to transport players and their equipment around, more people are choosing electric golf carts to save gasoline and keep their vehicles on the golf course. Electric powered carts come with many advantages over gas powered ones, especially for the environmentally conscious golfer.Learn more by visiting Golf Carts

While golf carts run on gasoline most of the time, the vehicle uses battery power to charge the onboard battery while the driver and his or her equipment waits for a good, gas-powered engine to appear. The battery gives electric carts their ability to run for several hours between recharging, so they can play out the entire round without needing to recharge the battery again. They also save drivers money by not wasting fuel on costly trips back and forth to the clubhouse. Some models have headlights and brake lights so they can be seen in bad weather, which is a big advantage on a golf course where it can be sunny one minute and rain for the next. And since electric golf carts run on battery power, they only require one outlet for charging the battery, so drivers do not need to worry about running out of juice on the course.

Golf Carts that is powered by batteries can be plugged into a standard household outlet and charge their batteries from a regular home outlet using a power cord. Some drivers who choose to use electric carts instead of gas ones may even want to purchase an extended battery kit so they can take their battery supply with them on trips to remote areas where power may be nonexistent or expensive. These kits also make great gifts for golfing retirees and those who spend part of the year in rural areas where electricity may be hard to find. Many of these extended battery kits come with a charger key that can be used to quickly get the golf carts started in remote locations.

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