“Ocala Downtown Market Restaurant isn’t your average dining destination in the Ocala FL neighborhood. We are more a Food Truck Court kind of place. When it comes to restaurants in Ocala FL most there are few choices. But there aren’t any other places that provide everything from an empanada to a sweet and sour chicken wings. What makes it so much better than the rest is that we are right in the heart of the downtown market. So, each day you can come along and enjoy our scrumptious food, great food, and some great shopping at the same place. Ocala Downtown Market Restaurant, Ocala is an excellent resource for this.

As a part of the Historic South Florida District, you will discover that Ocala has evolved into one of the premier dining destinations in Florida. It doesn’t matter if you come to eat out, order in or sit down and enjoy a full meal over a fine coffee. There are numerous vendors in the market place. There are Mexican vendors, African American vendors, Asian markets, Hispanic vendors, Christian vendors and several others. The market also features local produce, local meat, some baked goods, and some specialty food products. With so much to choose from, dining out at Ocala is a great way to experience a new culture while enjoying an afternoon or evening in the sun.
You can find all types of foods on this wonderful market restaurant menu. There are so many options, from local favorites like fresh piercings, seafood, and so much more you will be hard pressed to make up your mind which to order first. There are also many options for a quick lunch or dinner break and even an all day pass to explore the shops and culture in Ocala. If you’re in the mood to just have fun and explore while dining out in beautiful South Florida, then this is definitely the place for you!


Ocala Downtown Market Restaurant
310 SE 3rd St, Ocala, Fl 34471
(352) 629-8051