Where Should I Begin When Choosing a Water Filter for My Family?
1. You must assess your unique water filtration requirements. Do you simply need a drinking water filter or do you also require a shower filter? Decide what your family requires.
2. Determine whether you want to filter your drinking water to remove any specific impurities. If you get your water from a public water system, chlorine is almost certainly added to sanitise it. You may wish to remove any fluoride that has been added to the water, in addition to the chlorine. You’ll want to look for a water filter that can remove chlorine as well as trihalomethanes (a carcinogenic by-product of chlorination) and fluoride. By clicking here we get info about Discount Water Filters
3. Conduct your own water filter research. Find out what a water filter is and how it works. You’ll need a basic understanding of the water filtration process to understand certification claims.
4. Select a water filter that removes the greatest number of pollutants. You’ll KNOW you’re protected for anything that comes out of your pipe this way! If you are not happy with the goods, most manufacturers give a money-back guarantee.
5. Find out how much cartridge replacements cost. What appears to be a low-cost filter could wind up costing you hundreds of dollars in upkeep!
6. Find out more about the manufacturer…
How long has the company been in operation? Will they be there to help you and support the product in the long run?
The Most Common Filters
Water filters are divided into two types: point-of-use and point-of-entry.