Contractors feel that they’re getting pretty much fleeced by contractors who arrange class-action construction defects lawsuits that put a bunch of individuals on the same field, including the contractor, who is trying to get the work done. Construction Defects Law offers excellent info on this. The problem with class action lawsuits is that if you don’t go to court, you don’t get paid. If you go to court and settle out of court, it’s not the end of the world for anybody. It doesn’t mean you don’t get paid, it just means that other people don’t get to see what the real problem is. The way class action lawsuits work, and this particular construction defect litigation, is if a contractor or subcontractor doesn’t fix the problem and fix it right away, then everyone who was injured in the process has the right to sue the negligent party for all of their medical bills, physical disability expenses, pain and suffering, property damage (e.g. roof leaks), and any other losses that were suffered.


The construction defects law has made it very difficult for these contractors to get away with their negligence because there have been multiple studies done and they’ve been found guilty for negligence in the past. The new construction defects law, which goes into effect in 2021, is designed to level the playing field between contractors and subcontractors, making it more difficult for them to cheat the system and get away with it. The goal is to protect consumers from injury or even death due to construction defects, which is why the state legislature passed this particular construction defects law.

The new home construction defect litigation will require contractors to be more thorough when they’re doing the job, as there will be many more eyes on the work they do. This means that if a contractor fails to correct a defective part or component on a building that causes harm to a person’s health, then they might be held liable for the damages that resulted from their negligence. For example, if a contractor is building a new home and accidentally puts drywall tape on the ceiling instead of gypsum board, then they might be liable for medical bills that resulted from that. As you can see, the new home construction defects law is designed to level the field and make it harder for contractors to cheat the system.

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