When it comes to mole removal, it’s best to consult a dermatologist. Because moles are a skin ailment, they fall under that doctor’s competence. That isn’t to suggest that some family doctors won’t remove them, but they may send you to a specialist in some cases. Moles and even warts can sometimes be removed by simply cutting or freezing them. Those cases are typically directed to someone who is more qualified to deal with them. Have a look at Acne Treatment to get more info on this.

Mole removal may be a relatively straightforward process depending on the location. Naturally, some parts of the body will be more sensitive to pain than others. Believe it or not, having a mole removed from your underarm is one of the most painful procedures.

The majority of people will visit a dermatologist to get a mole removed, particularly if it is a face mole. One reason for this is scarring, but another is its overall effectiveness. A specialist is better able to handle difficult or huge removals.

You may also be sent to them if you have a large number of moles in one region. Occasionally, removing a large number of moles at once is impossible without the use of pain medicines and specialised equipment. Laser hair removal is really successful, but it’s not something you’ll find at your local doctor’s office. You’d have to go to someone else for it, and they’d have to be properly trained. Again, your family physician is unlikely to do so.