Marijuana is a federally regulated illegal drug. It is listed as a drug on scheduleI that means the medication has a high potential for abuse. Dispensary near Venice Beach offers excellent info on this. The diagnosis of the disease is also not recognized as a therapeutic regimen. State laws, however, may prohibit this regulation. There are 15 states that made legal use of medicinal marijuana. While the use of collectives of medical marijuana is still a worldwide issue and controversies constantly emerge around the globe, scientific studies have proven to be incredible beneficial effects of marijuana.

The miracles of this medication are rooted in patients with chronic and debilitating disease. Research have shown it can prevent malignant cells from spreading in the body. Medical marijuana collectives may also prevent the development of protein-made bodies in the brain that are the culprit behind the disease-related memory gaps. In multiple sclerosis and neuropathic pain, which is very agonizing in HIV / AIDS, the severity of muscle spasms has been shown to be declining. It is now well founded that smoking medical marijuana alone can reduce the risk of lung cancer that a person may face. In fact, unlike the stereotyped adverse effects of smoking in the lungs, smoking along with marijuana (without any history of smoking tobacco) does not increase a person’s risk of developing lung cancer. It may even have something of a protective effect on the liver. Work is well known to this result. Some study, however, has shown a detrimental synergistic effect of smoking tobacco and marijuana, which raises the risk of lung cancer significantly.

The medical science is very optimistic about future marijuana use. The only issue is the lack of funds to do further studies. Medical marijuana is perhaps the miracle drug we’ve all been waiting for.

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