If you have a lot of possessions that you will be leaving behind to others when you pass away, you should start thinking about estate planning now. This is crucial if you want to feel confident about what happens to your estate after you pass away. It’s usually a good idea to locate a good estate planning lawyer to assist you with this work as well. It may be difficult to take on this activity without the assistance of a qualified lawyer. The reason for this is that estate planning entails more than just a will; it also includes living wills and other financial strategies to ensure that your intentions are carried out.
When looking for a lawyer, it is best to meet with several different ones. You should do this so that you may get a sense of some of the lawyers available and so choose one with whom you are most comfortable. Make sure you speak with at least three separate lawyers before signing any form of contract.Learn more about this at Tommy Adams, Attorney – Brownwood Estate Planning Lawyer.

Make sure to ask each lawyer about their educational background when you speak with them, and that the lawyer you choose has a four-year undergraduate degree as well as a three-year Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited law school. He should have also passed the state bar exam.

It’s also a good idea to find out who will be working on your estate planning file. Is it going to be the lawyer or a paralegal or legal assistant? The lawyer will bill you at a high hourly rate, whereas the legal assistant will bill you at a lower rate. In some circumstances, the lawyer will simply charge a flat fee and your file may be handled by anyone in the firm.
If it turns out that a paralegal will be working on your case, make sure to request a meeting with them so that you can get to know them better. You’ll need to establish a working relationship with everyone who will be managing your estate planning and sensitive information.
You should also inquire about how much time they devote to estate planning. Make sure the lawyer you hire has a lot of experience with estate planning and that it isn’t something they do on the side. You want your lawyer to devote at least half of his time on this type of work, preferably more. This manner, you can be sure that the lawyer is staying current with all of the numerous rules that apply to this type of legislation.
You should remember to ask how much a retainer charge is, and then sit down and go over a retainer agreement if you are certain you have chosen the correct counsel. This document will spell out the terms of your connection with the lawyer and his firm. Make sure you get a copy of this contract, as well as any other crucial paperwork related to your estate planning.