Someone in the industry recently questioned about whether there are any additional automated tunnel truck washes or hand-washing facilities. That, of course, depends on your definition. There are retail car washes and car washes owned by enterprises or government agencies that service their own fleets. Grand Island Truck Wash offers excellent info on this. Now, I’d want to add that there are more automatic truck washes now, but keep in mind that this is mostly due to all of the old Ryko systems at municipal yards, truck depots, military facilities, ports, and other locations. As a result, this definitely does not imply that they are washing more over-the-road long-distance fleets or independents.


First and foremost, as you may know or have already guessed, there are fewer and fewer independent owner truck drivers each year due to rising costs, trucking company unionised employee lobbying for regulations that create barriers to entry for independents, and new engine efficiency rules that reduce ROI potential. Still, being in the trucking industry puts you in one of the few growing industries (now), and I say “currently” because of the shift toward socialism and concerns about politicians sabotaging our economy to further their political agenda through crony capitalism. Trucking has the most to lose, or gain, because it serves all industries.

So, in general, I’d say the United States has more automatic units. In Europe, the situation is the polar opposite. Still, I’d say it’s closer to 50/50 in retail truck washes in the United States because operators dislike automatic machines. Why do you inquire? Again, this is a matter of personal preference. I personally avoid them with my mobile command centre since I am concerned about scratches. However, with this in mind, and the addition of new robotic technologies, things are looking up. My truck’s windows do leak a little, but it’s nothing to worry about. What does the future hold?

1.) Expect the trend in “Semi-Automated” Truck Washes (machine-washed trailers, hand-washed tractors) to continue. Why? Because of higher labour costs, including ObamaCare, this will help the truck washing sector save money.

2.) “Fully-Automatic” Truck Washes are expected to become more popular in the future.

Why? Again, labour savings, lower costs for fleet owner clients functioning at maximum capacity to maximise profit margins Plus the systems are improving, with better sensors in robotics and lower robotics costs. These systems’ engineers are getting more better, and the industry is ready for them.

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