An IT service and support provider that offers a Unified Communications solution, for example, will be able to connect your email, fax, and phone communications into a single, seamless system, leveraging a variety of skills in the process. Similarly, an IT service and support company with expertise in networks, servers, and remote backup will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing your business data, rather than presenting piecemeal solutions that make you feel like you’re just buying a product rather than a solution that supports your business. Houston Managed IT Services – Cloud Computing, Houston is an excellent resource for this.


The size of the team that IT service and support providers offer ranges from tiny teams and one-person organisations to significantly larger companies with hundreds of employees. You could be tempted to go with a smaller supplier, or even a one-person operation, if your company is tiny or medium-sized. If you choose this route, make sure you have enough coverage in case of sickness or time off; if you’re reliant on a single person, you’ll be left without help if they don’t work.

 A small team provides more certainty, but capacity concerns may arise if all of their clients require IT service and support at the same time. A major corporation, on the other hand, will be able to provide far stronger assurances (at a cost), but at the expense of the human touch. It’s possible that you won’t get to know the people who help you, or that each time a different technician comes to see you.

A medium-sized IT service and support company offers the best of both worlds for many clients: enough team members to provide reassurance in terms of service standards, yet small enough to deliver genuinely personal service.While many IT service and support operations can now be performed remotely, your IT service and support partner’s physical location is still vital. Will they be able to reach you immediately in an emergency and resolve issues fast? What promises can they make in terms of reaction time?

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