A cannabis Dispensary, cannabis club, or cannabis cooperative is basically a place where cannabis is sold legally for either medicinal or recreational use. In the Dutch they are known as coffeeshop. In the United States, though they are generally referred to as cannabis clubs. They tend to be similar to coffeeshop except that some states have made it illegal to own and operate one, but some have legalized it. Herbarium LA Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery, LOS ANGELES is an excellent resource for this.


In most of the states where there is a recreational cannabis industry, the cannabis dispensary is the only legal location that sells the drug to the public. However, the dispensary often does not sell the drug to the general public because they do not receive any tax income from the sale. In some of the states, marijuana is legal in pharmacies and therefore is sold by pharmacies without getting any revenue from the sale. This means that the taxes on the sales are passed on to consumers in the form of increased prices. This has caused many state governments to propose bills that would increase taxes on the cannabis industry and create a legal cannabis market, but so far none have been passed.

The cannabis industry as a whole is still largely underground, and there is much controversy as to how the government will react to legalization. It is likely that the regulation of the cannabis dispensary will be different than the regulation of any other business in the country. For example, the Dispensaries may be required to observe standards in health, sanitation, product safety, taxation, marketing, and quality management. This will likely cause the cost of running a dispensary to increase significantly as operational costs rise. If the Dispensaries follow standardized operating procedures then they may be able to avoid some of these pitfalls. However, if they choose to deviate from the standard operating procedures laid down by the government, they may find themselves in violation and unable to remain in business.

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