Carpet cleaning in today’s world entails more than just eliminating contaminants from your carpets. In order to stay ahead of the competition and please more consumers, carpet cleaning firms are expanding their offerings. If you’ve been using the same professional carpet cleaning for a long time and are wondering what else they can do for you, here are a few extra services that most carpet cleaners provide.
Vacuuming by a Professional
Homeowners have long vacuumed their carpets as part of their routine carpet upkeep. However, many businesses provide these services as a prelude to their primary cleaning procedure. While most businesses provide this extra service for free, some may charge a small fee. Vacuuming your carpets before cleaning them reduces the quantity of debris left for later, allowing the suction to concentrate on dirt entrenched in the carpet. Do you want to learn more? Visit Carpet Recovery Plus – Ewing Carpet cleaning.
Pre-treating carpets before cleaning is an option for people who are having their carpets cleaned for the first time. This service may be available for a cost, while some companies include it as part of a package deal. Pre-treatment entails soaking the carpet in non-toxic, natural cleaners. This will remove surface dirt while also protecting the fibres from the chemicals used throughout the cleaning process. Carpets that haven’t been professionally cleaned before benefit from pre-treatment because the harsh chemicals will be tolerated easier.
The majority of carpet cleaning firms use dry cleaning procedures, which eliminate the need to rinse your carpets. However, because there is still some liquid present, you must dry your carpets after cleaning. You can also hire drying services if you’re in a rush because you have an important event coming up. Your carpets will be completely dry in just a few hours if you use heavy-duty drying fans.
Guards Against Stains
Professional carpet cleaners frequently provide stain protectors as an add-on service. They coat each fibre of your carpet with a protective layer made of nanotechnology, making it difficult for stains and grime to adhere to the fibres. It not only makes future cleaning easier, but it also repels stains that can alter the colour and texture of your carpet, perhaps damaging it.