Home care has become an increasingly important issue with aging baby boomers. As the baby-boomers get older, it is expected that they will live longer and thus there will be more elderly people in the society. The need for home care is projected to double in the next 20 years and it is already happening. Home healthcare, which means “in home care,” can vary greatly. Some of the most common forms of home care are custodial, non-custodial, residential, assisted living, palliative care, public health, adult day care and specialty services such as skilled nursing or adult day care center. Basically, home care is health care given by a qualified professional caregiver within the patient’s home, rather than care given in nursing homes or specialized clinics as in the case of medical conditions.Learn more about us at Family First Home Care, Philadelphia

Home care is offered by several types of agencies. One such agency is Personal Care Homes, Inc. Home Care is generally provided through a personal caregiver or, sometimes, by a highly trained nurse, physician assistant, care planning nurse or a specialized home care provider. Most providers offering personalized care choose to work with a private home care provider. In a typical personalized care setting, the client’s medical history is taken into account and a personalized treatment plan is developed to meet the needs of the patient.

With a variety of home care services, it can be quite expensive to provide home care for an aging loved one. One way to decrease the cost is to engage the help of a professional caregiver. It is very important for the loved one to realize that if she/he requests assistance from a professional caregiver, it is not done out of sympathy for the friend or family member. Rather, this is done to ensure the best possible care for the client.

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