After the area has been cleaned and the source of moisture removed, water damage restoration service experts will then assess the damage. Expert cleaners often carry the latest technology and equipment to speed up the drying process. Some water extraction machines are designed with two drying chambers, allowing the process to go even faster. For the most thorough drying possible, mold specialists carry state-of-the-art equipment that can dry a building in just hours. Specialists also use “green” drying techniques that minimize the use of water and help eliminate mold spores from the air. Do you want to learn more? Visit Integra-Clean & Dry LLC.

Once all of the water has been removed, mold removal and remediation professionals will dehumidify the space. Dehumidifiers use the principles of condensation control to remove excess moisture from indoor air. Many flood victims wish they had called on a water damage restoration service sooner, as mold growth makes it very difficult to keep personal belongings dry.

Dehumidifiers also use the principles of relative humidity control. Relative humidity (RH) meters are the absolute best tool for identifying moisture problems in a room. Water damaged servicemasters carry specialized humidification technology that allows them to accurately gauge the moisture level in a room. A trustworthy water damage restoration service will offer their technicians the latest technologies in humidifying equipment.

Mold remediation is often done on a smaller scale than full scale flood cleanup and sewage cleanup. Small mold remediation jobs include restoring exterior surfaces to their pre-loss condition. Some companies offer this service in addition to full flood cleanup and sewage cleanup. Advanced technology in mold remediation allows companies to restore buildings to an almost new appearance, without the worry of damaging the structure or moving belongings out of the affected areas.

As with any service industry, there will be some extra work required after a disaster. Dehumidifiers, steam cleaners and hygrometers are not the only things that will need to be done after a flood or sewage backup. Water damage restoration service technicians are trained to help you get back to normal quickly, efficiently and safely. By scheduling a rapid solution that combines the best elements of water remediation and advanced preventive techniques, you can keep your building, home or business clean and running smoothly.