The third step is to contact various large scale electric utility companies in Florida. These are companies like Duke Energy, Consumers Energy and EPB. These companies are highly motivated to see that there is a way that homeowners in Florida can utilize the sun’s energy to generate electricity for less money. So they are more than happy to work with you to help you find alternative solar installation options. The biggest incentive that you will get from these companies is the fact that all of the solarization processes will be done under the same roof. This will speed up the construction and lead to better overall efficiency. visit your url
The fourth and final step is to contact a solar co-op company. A solar co-op is an organization that finances and supports residential solar installation projects. The organizations are made up of individual homeowners. The members pay a monthly fee to join and are entitled to receive a certain number of solar electric units. As long as the unit is used during the hours that they are scheduled to be in, these homeowners are entitled to a discount. The savings could be anywhere from five to thirty percent of the cost of the project.
If you live in Florida, there are a couple ways to locate solar co-ops. You can look in your local listings under “solar energy” and “solar projects”. In addition to listing any available programs, some of these companies will have web sites that give you a great amount of information. In some cases, you will have access to multiple phone numbers so that you can speak with other residents. There are also a few online forums dedicated to discussing renewable energy topics.