Damage to your car’s outside shell is typically caused by minor fender benders, hailstorms, and shopping cart attacks. These flaws detract from the car’s appearance while also lowering its resale value. With today’s technology, most small damage can be easily repaired. Denver Paintless Dent Repair offers excellent info on this. According to the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), up to 70% of all car accidents result in vehicles that are drivable but damaged.


Rear impact accounts for 30% of all collisions. Side effects account for 29% of the total. Collisions involving stationary objects such as light poles account for 16% of all collisions. Every year, approximately one million drivers in the United States are involved in collisions with wildlife, particularly deer.

Scratches in the car’s finish might also be difficult to repair. In just a few hours, you can sand and buff out superficial scratches in the clear coat or base paint. After that, the technicians use wax to seal the repairs. Repairing deep scratches that reach the primer or even the metal of the car body takes more time and effort.

After repairs, cars with extensive scratches and wrinkles are frequently repainted. Chipped paint can usually be repaired quickly and easily. Repair paint chips as soon as possible to avoid future rust problems in exposed metal parts.

A slew of express chip repair shops have popped up across the country, promising assistance in as little as a few hours. The end result is almost imperceptible, and it costs a fraction of the price of other fixes. Any contact on the car’s metal exterior that causes the metal to expand and distort from its original shape is referred to as a “dent.”

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