The power chair is one of the most important inventions in wheelchair history. The Jazzy power chair collection has some unique features. The Jazzy power wheel chairs have a patented mid-wheel configuration, which is their most distinguishing characteristic. This allows for smooth driving through tight turning radiuses and easy navigating in confined places. The Jazzy electric wheel chairs are extremely simple to use. They include cutting-edge, joystick-based controls that will fulfil all of your needs while still being simple to use. Joe’s Jazzy Chairs & Scooters, Salt Lake City is an excellent resource for this.


The stylish 1113 ATS wheelchair is a fantastic wheelchair that is designed to meet all of your independent mobility demands in the smallest possible space. The stylish 1113 ATS electric wheelchair can go through tight corners and tiny passageways with ease. It works equally well on flat roads as it does on undulating, uneven terrain.

The stylish 1113 ATS electric wheelchair has Active-Trac Suspension and can be conveniently dismantled for transport. The disassembled section that is the heaviest is only 77 pounds. The Active Trac Suspension ensures that the ride is as smooth as possible.

The jazzy 1113 ATS wheelchair has a number of essential characteristics, including:

– The electric wheelchair has the smallest turning radius, making it a popular choice for people who live in small places. The 18″ turning radius indicates complete manoeuvrability.

– The Active Trac Suspension adds to the vehicle’s stability, allowing for smoother handling and improved outside performance.

– Optional wheelchair-style rehab sitting is offered.

– The stylish 1113 ATS electric wheelchair is the only electric wheelchair with a variety of seating options, including medium and high-back van-style seats. A conventional recovery seat with black nylon sling seating is available.

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