Self storage is a sector which generally leases temporary storage space, called “self-storage units,” to clients, typically on a temporary basis. “Self-storage facilities” are also commonly known as warehouses and storage spaces. Self storage units can be rented by individuals, as well as companies. Self Storage in Edwardsville IL offers excellent info on this. The rate of rent for such units is usually lower than that for standard commercial storage spaces.


There are a number of different types of self storage available to consumers. Some types include office storage units, which are usually located in public buildings like post offices and hospitals, and these are generally referred to as walk-up storage units. Other types of self-storage are vehicle storage units, which are designed to store vehicles on the owner’s behalf while the vehicle is being repaired or returned to the owner’s address. These types of storage space may also include boat storage spaces, personal storage units and home storage units.

There are many different factors which determine the cost of self-storage services. The size and layout of the unit, its location relative to the consumer’s business and its usage are among the most important factors which may affect its rental rate. A higher rate may be charged if the unit is used on a daily basis, or if it is used for the storage of large or irregularly shaped items. Consumer weight and age are also among the factors which may affect the rate for such services.

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