Kids math lessons always revolve around mini whiteboards for all the class to get involved. Use them during explicit instruction lessons to gauge instant feedback from all and even to measure student learning through the use of the whiteboard. Children will be taught to use their hands to actively participate in the lesson instead of looking at a teacher like a book or diagram. Do you want to learn more? Visit Mini whiteboards.

Get the whole classroom involved: Using mini whiteboards allows every student to take part in the lesson at the same time. Encouraging the use of multiple boards helps make the classroom environment multi-active, even more so than simply using one big board to graph and teach directions. As a teacher, encouraging use of multiple boards gives you the ability to move instruction across the classroom as needed, which is also beneficial when scheduling breaks or moving lessons around the classroom.

All new teachers should include some kind of whiteboard in their classroom, whether they use a regular sized board or something more compact and smaller. Students love to be interactive, especially with something as simple as a little whiteboard, and many use their extra free time in class to write and draw and make diagrams instead of sitting still. Using mini-whiteboards to help reinforce concepts is also an easy way to connect with your students on an individual level, and helps them connect with the topic at hand. They can write on their mini-whiteboards to draw the corresponding picture, and as they do so, they’ll be building on their knowledge in the class, and you can encourage them to share what they have learned with their friends later on.