Plantation Shutters is made up of stile and rail construction that are often attached to the outside of the home or business. This type of construction is considered strong enough to withstand years of wind and weather. A Plantation Shutters window treatment can also be painted in many different colors. The wood used in these types of shutters come from all over the world including Indonesia, South Africa and the United States. Learn more by visiting Shuttercraft Stafford-Plantation Shutters Stafford.

A plantation shutter is a sturdy and steady window covering usually consisting of just a sturdy frame with horizontal and vertical rails attached to it. There are many choices of materials used to make plantation shutters, but one of the most common is the faux wood shutter. It comes pre-molded and ready to hang with hardware cloth or cord included for attaching to the frame. Louvers, panels, solid panels and any other item which can generally be mounted on a wooden frame can all be purchased and placed within the shutter.

If you desire to add a Plantation Shutters window treatment to your home or business, there are many products that will help you achieve the desired results. Popular choices among shutter companies include: vinyl louvers, PVC shutters, faux wood window treatments, residential blinds, commercial blinds, wood blinds and vinyl shades. With so many Plantation Shutters options to choose from it is important to research each product and determine what will best fit your needs. This will ensure you get value for your money and will most likely save you time and money when installing the interior shutters. In addition, by shopping online for your Plantation Shutters and other window treatments you can often find discounts and special offers that may be available to you, helping you save even more money.