When we begin designing our kitchen layout, the first question that comes to mind is how much storage we would need. That is because there are a lot of things that need to be put, and they need to be arranged in a way that contributes to the kitchen’s style quotient. If you need to purchase a Modular kitchen in Pune, you may recommend these 7 kitchen cabinet styles to him. By clicking here we get info about Northern Prairie Cabinets
• Veneer wood cabinetry- Slab veneer doors are quite popular in Europe, and you should consider them for your house as well. Veneer presents the wood in a totally new light, and naturalists like the look it produces. However, for the greatest results, you should search for the finest Kitchen makers in Pune, as only then will the quality be up to par.
• Stainless steel- Having a stainless steel kitchen provides you with a number of advantages. It is simple to keep and sanitary, in addition to appearing elegant. These days, scratch-resistant stainless steel materials are available, and by incorporating them into your kitchen, you may live in peace.
• Lacquered cabinets- Lacquered cabinets are a sight to see, as they are bright, glossy, and very rich in colour. The sheen, which comes in a variety of colours, is only maintained if you clean it on a regular basis. Furthermore, you may only use certain types of cleaning solutions on the surface, so you must be aware of this.
• Brightly coloured cabinets—We often assume that black and brown are the only colours available for kitchen cabinets. You may now pick from a variety of colours, including red, teal, and cobalt blue. If they complement the decor of your house, go ahead and buy them.
• Floating shelves- If you want to be a bit more creative in your kitchen, buy some floating shelves. They are suitable for use in the higher areas of your kitchen. Wooden floating shelves combined with gleaming subway tiling will make your kitchen seem great.
• No higher cabinets- If you don’t use the top kitchen cabinets and just use the bottom ones, it’s not an issue. This creates more free space and eliminates the worry of things becoming cluttered. However, this would only work if you don’t have a lot of storage space.
• Mix and match- You may always combine two or three of the different types mentioned above. For example, lacquer may be used on the top cabinets while hardwood cabinets are used on the bottom cabinets. Alternatively, stainless steel floating shelves with painted bottom cabinets could be a good option.