Roof tiles are the integral part of roofing. The main purpose is to prevent the rainwater to enter in the building and also for the space behind the building to be dry. Roof tiles are generally made out of clay or slate, are generally designed to prevent water from entering the building and are typically made of locally mined materials like slate or terracotta. Modern materials like plastic, metal and concrete are also being used and finally some clay tiles even have a very waterproof coating.

Other than the roof tiles, construction materials used for roofing include the shingles. The shingles are generally made out of wood shingles, but there are some that are now made out of metal too. The metal ones are a bit more durable and they last longer when they are well maintained. The metal shingles are lighter in weight so they can be carried even when there is bad weather. The lighter the shingles are, the easier it is for them to be carried especially when there is snow.

As mentioned earlier, clay tiles are considered to be relatively a new concept, but they are becoming more popular with time. A clay tile is actually a type of terra-cotta figurine that has been fired at high temperatures so that its texture is changed to make it more wear-resistant. Although there are other kinds of roof tiles that are available today like ceramic tiles, glass tiles, steel tiles etc, yet clay tiles remain to be a favorite one amongst a lot of people.