The Ohio Painting Company Cincinnati is a division of Equity Life Insurance Company. The company offers services for renovation, restoration, and painting. The company’s main facility is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It employs more than 300 individuals and has offices in North and South Hamilton, Ohio as well as New York City. The company is one of the biggest employers in the Hamilton community. The Ohio Painting Company offers numerous services such as ceiling replacement, floor replacement, window tinting, and roof repair. Learn more about The Ohio Painting Company Cincinnati, Cincinnati.

The company strives to maintain a positive and experienced work environment for its employees and also strives to provide the best services to homeowners. The company also offers various tools such as portfolio reviews, free estimates, and free design sketches for its clients. With all these services, the Ohio painting company can be considered as one of the best choices for your painting needs.

The company has been providing quality painting companies for more than thirty years. The Ohio Painting Company has mastered all the latest tools and techniques of painting services. They are committed to providing the best solutions to their clients. Thus, if you are looking for a professional service provider to renovate, restore, or decorate your home or office, the Ohio painting companies in Cincinnati are the best decisions.