A notary public acts as a witness to signatures on real estate closings, bank accounts, and other legal documents that are recorded or created in a notary public’s office. To become a notary public, one must be a high school graduate with a diploma in science, mathematics, and law, although not necessarily all three. Notaries are appointed and serve at the discretion of the state legislature. Because a notary public’s duty is primarily to assist individuals and businesses in obtaining or maintaining legal documents, there are specific requirements that must be met in order for one to qualify as a notary public. see here


Most applicants need to pass a background and character check conducted by the county office of the circuit court before being accepted as a notary public. In addition to this, most applicants for notary public jobs also need to take an approved training course in order to assure that they are thoroughly knowledgeable about notarizing records and how to use the equipment necessary to complete these tasks. Additionally, most states require aspiring notary publics to successfully pass a notary exam. Successful applicants are required to successfully pass the exam before they are able to become a notary public.

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