What foods should be avoided with an ileostomy depends on your medical condition. It is important that you discuss this with your doctor since not all conditions are the same. There are many foods that you can eat and still pass the test so do not get discouraged. You doctor may even tell you to just drink water which is surprising for someone who has their colon removed. Check This Out
Some of the foods to avoid with an ileostomy are caffeine, processed foods, and starchy foods. If you have a difficult time passing hard starchy stools then your doctor may suggest a diet that consists of more water to help soften the stool. Fiber is also very important to help with colon cleansing and should be taken in moderate amounts. These are foods that your doctor recommends to help you with colon cleansing but you should still ask them to avoid eating foods that you know are high in cholesterol since your doctor will then have a chance to remove it from your diet.
Other foods to avoid with an ileostomy are citrus fruits, high fructose corn syrup, and tomato products. These are all types of foods that your doctor suggests you stay away from when you are colon cleansing to avoid further problems. This is because some doctors believe that these types of foods can help stimulate bowel movements. So you should talk to your doctor about this matter before you decide to eat any of them. Your doctor can inform you of the different types of foods that you can and cannot eat depending on the type of colon cleaning procedure you are having done.